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25 Mar 2019: Transparent Textures Support

Made by zen

Transparent textures are finally supported!

The main problem currently with Cubyz was that leaves were opaque, that isn’t logical and i wanted something better..

Jungle Engine arleady supported them via GL_BLEND and other things, however, i looked in code and found out that it was the TextureConverter fault, which simply ONLY outputted RGB (no transparency) images!

As a temporary fix, i set a flag in the oak leaves to say the texture is “converted” (it doesn’t go through TextureConverter):


Ok good, transparency works, however i needed to make it standard, so i added support for transparency in the TextureConverter, and i removed the “converted” flag of the block, however, first try, it was still solid, i thought a bit.. and found out it was due to the cache not being deleted, i deleted it and it worked as seen below:


However, to avoid me having to think about the texture cache not being deleted, i made a mechanism that automatically deletes each cache entry AT START.