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[![Java]( )]( [![License]( )]( # Cubyz, a voxel video game Cubyz is a voxel game, what is a voxel game you might say? Well it's a sandbox 3D game that just have cubes. Have fun! Nah just kidding, while i said what a voxel game is, Cubyz have lot of features and is mainly made for devs. Why you might said? Well because of it's **INTEGRATED** (woohoo) mod API! Nope, this isn't Minetest, this is.. well, Cubyz? ## Requirements Windows: Type | Minimum | Recommended -----|---------|------------ OS | Windows XP | Windows 7/10 RAM | 3 GB | 4 GB or more GPU | Any OpenGL 3.0 compatible | OpenGL 3.3+ Linux based / Mac: Type | Minimum | Recommended -----|---------|------------ RAM | 2 GB | 4 GB or more GPU | Any OpenGL 3.0 compatible | OpenGL 3.3+ Those recommendations are system wide and required for Cubyz. The exception is RAM, as Cubyz RAM usage varies. When gave little memory (256MB or less), due to how the GC works it will get executed more often. Meaning Cubyz won't crash for Out of Memory, but will have slow down due to GC pauses (unlikely to be visible with some GCs). However with more memory the GC will make less pauses, and be trickier to free heap. Which will result in Cubyz having allocated ~900/1024MB but actually using 400/1024MB when shown in the debug menu. Basically for the end user, this means Cubyz requires **minimum** around **128MB** of free RAM. And is best played (**recommended**) with around **512MB** of free RAM. ## About - [ZaUserA](, [zenith391]( and [IntegratedQuantum]( who all contributed to the game and made everything possible! - The development started on August 22, 2018. Cubyz is already 1 year old! - Cubyz haves [Jungle Engine]( under the hood, and even kinda merged with it! - This game is under BSD-3-Clause license, for more details please check the [LICENSE]( file. - You can receive announcements about Cubyz on the [Discord]( server. ### Donations If you'd like to donate, first thanks you, second, it will only serve for servers and some other things. And third, here if you really want, the [donation link](